At a time when communication and message are
of paramount importance, I found the lack of any
coherent message from the powers that be.

What is this Covid?
Who does it affect?
Where can I go?
Who can I see?
And how much toilet roll should I buy?

As the pandemic took a stranglehold I decided to
respond by looking into historical times of crisis,
specifically WWII. I’ve always been interested in the
concept of rationing and how this relates to our
‘must have/can have’ consumerist ideology today.

I responded by creating a contemporary version of
a Ration Book and thought about how ridiculous the
idea of rationing toilet rolls seemed in 2021.

Why were people queuing for an hour to buy Starbucks when you can make a coffee at home in a few minutes?

Also our fast food and sugar addiction fascinates me.
What if we had to choose Fruit Pastels over fruit and veg?

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